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How to Defrizz a Synthetic Wig
Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful
What November means to me
October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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How to Defrizz a Synthetic Wig

How to defrizz a synthetic wig
I found this information on website: http://jeezlouise.net/how-to-defrizz-a-synthetic-wig/  I thought I would share the information with all of my wonderful wig friends!!
(**UPDATED, March 2012**)
If you’re here from a search engine of some kind, welcome. I’m going to show how to de-frizz a synthetic wig. And of course, I’m going to be long-winded while I do it, because these typing fingers just can’t be stopped!
As you know, if you happen to read

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Please visit my Events & Specials page for information to" Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful"!!  Really fun even coming up at the end of the month!  Hope to see you all there!

What November means to me

November....what a great month.  It's the month that prepares us for the BIG Holiday months!  November is a time when we take time to be thankful for all of those things that we take for granted everyday.
I love to reflect back on my life in November.  I love to take special time with my friends and family to let them know how much they mean to me and how important they are in my life.
This year besides being so thankful for my family and friends I am so thankful for my wig business.

October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I have met so many wonderful women in the last year that have been going through chemo and dealing with hair loss.  It is a very difficult time for these women and they are gracious enough to invite me into their homes so that I can share my wigs with them.
To many women wigs give them a sense of security and confidence while going through their treatments and workiing on healing.  Some women choose to not wear a wig and opt out to wear beautiful scarfs, hats and turbans.

New Styles

New wig styles have arrived!! 
I have had so much fun with all of my "new" friends this summer.  Thanks to all of you for really fun Wig Parties!  We always have so much fun coming out and spending time with you and your friends!!  Our motto on those days are:  "Let the Wigs Fly"!!
I've also had fun meeting all my new customers (and some returning customers) and helping you to find the perfect style just for you!  It's so much fun to see the transformation when you find the perfect style and a wig that fits perfect.

Taking Care of your Wig

It's been such a fun summer to meet all of you at the Wig Parties and Private Appointments.  I've really enjoyed getting to know all of you and the different needs for your wig.  Each wig experience is a little bit different and we'll do our best to meet your need.
Since there are a lot of new wig owners I want to refersh everyone on how to take care of your wig.  You will need to wash your wig with Wig Shampoo after wearing 30 hours.  Your wig will start to not look as good when it needs to be washed.

Southern Hospitality

Wigs and Vacation...  You would think that those two words don't really go together but actually they do!  If you are taking a vacation and want to get ready in a jiffy and have your hair look good all day long...think about a wig!
I just took a vacation to go down south to visit my parents and I did take a wig.  It made my days so easy.  When the humidity was too high and I knew that my hair wouldn't make it one hour after I went outside, I chose a wig.  When I just didn't feel like working with my hair I chose a wig.

Beautiful You

Beauty and Wigs....Really?  I knew from my own experience that a Wig can really change your world.  What can a wig do for you?
My mom's hair is very thin.  It's been getting thin for some time.  She has tried everything, special shampoo's, growing her hair longer and then pulling it up to try and hide the spots that hardly have any hair.  She's cut it short to try and camouflage that she has less hair in some area's than others.  Nothing really worked.

Everyday should be a Wig Party!!

I actually think every day should be a party but then reality kicks in and life happens and you know the rest of the story. However; we should be enjoying every day!
Meeting new people every day and “playing” with wigs really makes me enjoy my life.  Helping someone to pick out a new look, try a new hair color, a new hairstyle, etc. is so much fun for me.  Picking out a wig should be really fun for you too. 
I’ve heard some stories from all of you about places that the experience is not fun and relaxing.

Chemotherapy and Hair Loss

I want to share some information on chemotherapy and hair loss that I found recently.  I hope this will help my chemotherapy friends! 
If you have just started chemotherapy for breast cancer and are concerned about hair loss and what will happen, read on.
Breast Cancer chemotherapy drugs will typically cause hair loss. The average woman will not have any significant shedding until day 14.  Up until that time, you might notice your hair just doesn't feel like your hair anymore.
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